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12 July 2015 @ 12:35 am
Darling Drabble  
I wrote this as a therapy for myself who had grown fond and too attached to the Darling Couple whilst watching Pinocchio. The news last week made me gasp, squeal and siling like a loon. A denial, maybe but an admission too. Close friends! I hope they mean it as a person you can trust, rely on, be yourself with and that it grows and remains throughout both of their lives. Whose to say what the future holds, I certainly am rooting for the both of them, individually but always supporting each other through their growing bond.

Past Midnight - An Unfinished Drabble

He was thinking too much, he was a sensitive soul where even the minute details will bother him and make its presence known every hour so as for him not to lose sight of it.

He switched his attention back to his phone and resumed his game, after 2 minutes, he gave up and scrolled his phone. His phone image gallery to be precise, before long, a smile broke out on his face as he recalled moments and confidences shared, memories behind the pictures. He noted he was glowing and his eyes sparkled.

If he was being truthful, his filming days was a wonderful time, a time of fun and hard work, a time for teamwork, new friends and strengthening the old ties.

He knew her, read articles on her, watch her works, admired her from afar, but nothing prepared him for his eventual growing companionship with her, she understood him, supported him, even let him lean on her literally. He hoped it was just not for the drama's sake.

She was well known for being kind, helpful and cheerful, a person who made friends easily and supports them. He read rumours about her before but didn't mind them till now. He wandered how close she was and whether there was any truth to the year after year rumours of her and the blue boy. He was close to one of them but it was not something that had been brought up, he wandered to himself if he should ask now.

He decided against it, the past is past and he was somehow confident that for the past few months, he had learned about her and his instincts told him she was single during their time filming. He was assured this because she never held back from him, never from awkwardness and only from laughter. He laughed so much and his heart healed then. And some days he wondered if he could be any happier.

She was smart, kind, made everyone light up with her presence. He wished he knew what she thought of him. He knew it but not in the would you like to go out with me kind of way. He liked how she was shrewd and tactful, sometimes just understanding him, sure she laughed at his weirdness sometimes, but she respected him and didn't judge him. It had been a month since he last saw her, they contact each other, some days more frequent than not, some days there were suggestions of meet ups which hadn't been realised since it was always all or none stance they shared. He also realised that she really guarded her privacy.

He belatedly realised that he wanted to get to know her, a lot about her and if possible all of her. She hoped he wouldn't contain herself and put him at arms length, pull up guards around him.

She smiled as she read his message and replied him with an emoji.
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